Basic Phonics Skills, Level D

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Meet your needs for supplemental phonics practice with this series of four books. The Basic Phonics Skills series is a sequential presentation of phonics skills from phonemic awareness to structural analysis.

Basic Phonics Skills, Level D (Grades 2-3) features 242 reproducible skill sheets and 20 reproducible Little Phonics Readers.

The book is organized as follows:
• Variant Consonant Sounds
• Silent Letters
• Vowel and Consonant Digraphs
• Diphthongs
• R-controlled Vowels
• Syllables and Schwa
• Prefixes and Suffixes
• Plural and Inflectional Endings: s, es, ed, ing, ly
• Word Families: activity sheets and word strips provide practice of 20 word families
• Little Phonics Readers: 20 reproducible word family readers

This resource contains teacher support pages, reproducible student pages, and an answer key.