Daily Geography Practice, Grade 1

Daily Geography Practice, Grade 1

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In Daily Geography Practice, Grade 1, 36 map lessons introduce basic geography skills and over 60 geography terms with a fun, hands-on approach to geography instruction! Lessons are designed to support any geography and social studies curriculum.

Daily Geography Practice is aligned to National Geography Standards and the six essential elements of geography:

• The world in spatial terms
• Places and regions
• Physical systems
• Human systems
• Environment and society
• Uses of geography

How it works
Monday–Friday: There are two geography questions for each day of the week, and the questions progress in difficulty from Monday to Friday. Each week includes a challenge question at the end of the unit.

Grade 1 Daily Geography includes 36 weekly units, and each weekly unit includes:

• A teacher page with unit overview and answer key.
• A Vocabulary list to highlight key geography terms.
• A map page that emphasizes the geography skills for the week.
• Question pages with two geography questions for each day of the week, plus a weekly challenge question.

Bonus! A 10-page reproducible geography glossary is included for students to use as an easy reference booklet throughout the year.

The geography skills presented at grade 1 include:
• globes
• directions
• map keys
• physical maps
• street maps
• farm, town, city, and state maps
• park and zoo maps
• product maps
• tourist and weather maps
• political maps of the United States and the world

“I love the format of this series! It is so teacher friendly, and the kids love that it is quick and easy to follow. They also like the weekly challenge questions. The children are picking up the necessary skills in just a few minutes a day, which is easy to fit into a busy schedule.” Melissa