Skill Sharpeners Reading, Pre-K

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Skill Sharpeners Reading series contains engaging full-color stories followed by activity pages that practice a variety of reading skills. Skill Sharpeners Reading is designed to help your child improve his or her reading skills.

Skill Sharpeners Reading, PreK contains 21 units, each of which introduces a consonant letter. Each unit contains a cut-and-paste activity that introduces a consonant sound and three activity pages that reinforce reading readiness skills. There is one “Test Your Skills” assessment page for every four consonants introduced.

Reading readiness skills practiced include the following:
• Phonemic awareness
• Vocabulary
• Fluency
• Comprehension
• Visual discrimination
Children also develop their fine motor skills by completing the fun activities.

Examples of the types of activities are:
• Listen for the Sound
• Rhyming
• Trace and Match
• Same or Different?
• Cut and Paste
• Dot-to-Dot
• What Will Happen Next?