Skill Sharpeners Reading, Grade 2

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Skill Sharpeners Reading series contains engaging full-color stories followed by activity pages that practice a variety of reading skills. Skill Sharpeners Reading is designed to help your child improve his or her reading skills.

Common Core Top Pick for Language and Reading - Foundational Skills

• Conventions of Standard English
• Vocabulary Acquisition and Use

Reading - Foundational Skills
• Phonological Awareness
• Phonics and Word Analysis

Skill Sharpeners Reading, Grade 2 provides 15 motivating stories. For example:
• "Peanut Butter"
• "The Case of the Missing Apples"
• "The Ugly Duckling"
• "Elephants"
• "A Visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium"

Activity pages include:
• comprehension questions
• a vocabulary exercise
• a sequencing activity for every story

Other skills addressed include the following:
• word families
• phonetic elements
• synonyms & antonyms
• alphabetical order
• contractions