Top Student, Grade PreK

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Provide young children a path to academic success with Top Student! This colorful activity book provides hundreds of creative and fun activities and practice pages that motivate young children to learn important reading, writing, and math skills!

Top Student activities provide practice of the most important skills for each grade level, as well as opportunities for critical thinking and creativity. Colorful and creative practice pages and hands-on activities provide engaging practice to keep children motivated to learn!

Core subject areas and topics include:
• Alphabet letters and sounds
• Early writing
• Early reading
• Reading comprehension
• Numbers and counting
• Shapes, colors, and patterns
• Sorting and matching
• Opposites
• Science
• Mindful moments
• Geography
• Social and emotional learning
• Computer science

These robust workbooks also include:

• Reward stickers
• Informational posters
• Mindful moments meditations and activities with downloadable audio*
*Mindful moments with audio help children incorporate reflection and meditation into their academic life.

Includes answer key.