Bilingual Books VIETNAMESE a language map®

Bilingual Books VIETNAMESE a language map®

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Bilingual Books VIETNAMESE a language map®

When you’re exploring the hidden gems of Vietnam, from the pristine beaches of Phu Quoc to the natural wonders of Halong Bay, be sure to make "VIETNAMESE a language map®" your guide to the local language. Packed with the most essential words and phrases you’ll need, this clever guide is a traveler’s dream come true. You’ll have more fun asking for directions, ordering a meal, or greeting the locals "Chào!(chow) because you can do it in Vietnamese! Slip this "Language Map®" in your pocket and all your language needs are covered. This is a must-pack item right along with your passport!

** Hundreds of words and phrases you’ll need most

** Divided into key categories such as Asking Questions, Dining Out, Meeting People, Shopping, Sightseeing, Transportation and much more

** Unique snap-open and fold design

** Pronunciation is easy with simple phonetics

** Ultra-thin (barely 1/8” thick) and light-weight (under two ounces)

** Laminated for durability

** Folds up like a map to slip easily into your pocket or bag

** Full color, original artwork