Blue Footed Booby

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  • COOL BLUE FEET ‚Äì It‚Äôs no mystery as to how the blue‚Äìfooted booby got its name! Male blue‚Äìfooted boobies use their uniquely‚Äìcolored feet to attract a mate, and will dance and strut in front of females in order to show them off. The brighter the shade of blue, the better!
  • LOSS OF SARDINES ‚Äì Although blue‚Äìfooted boobies are currently classified as ‚Äúleast concern‚Äù on the conservation status spectrum, a recent study suggested that their numbers in the Galapagos Islands are declining due to breeding troubles. Researchers believe that the booby‚Äôs breeding success is being affected by a decline in the sardine population, which is of one of their main food sources.
  • MADE WITH INDUSTRY‚ÄìLEADING STANDARDS ‚Äì Like all Safari Ltd products, this figurine has been individually hand painted, features quality construction from phthalate and lead‚Äìfree materials, and includes an educational hangtag in 5 languages.
  • REALISTIC APPEARANCE FOR MULTIPLE USES ‚Äì Realistic, educational, and fun, this figurine is suitable for a range of interests, including collectors, enthusiasts, teachers, and kids. Admire it on a shelf, use it in the classroom, or simply enjoy playing with it.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS ‚Äì 3 inches long and 2 inches tall, our blue‚Äìfooted booby figurine is almost exactly the size of a credit card stood upright. One of the more vibrantly‚Äìcolored species of bird, blue‚Äìfooted boobies not only have their obviously blue feet, but a slightly darker blue face along with white body plumage, brown wings, and a speckled gray neck.