Calico Critters Caravan Family Camper

Calico Critters Caravan Family Camper

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Lifelike Caravan Camper

The Calico Critters Caravan Family Camper has the amenities, comforts, and appearance of a real-life camper. A well-stocked kitchen and spacious bathroom let your Calico Critter friends eat and stay clean as they tour the countryside. There is plenty of storage space for belongings, and a generous bedroom sleeps four, keeping the Critters cozy during their travels. Best of all, the Calico Critters can tow the camper with a convertible coupe (car sold separately).

Many Fun and Realistic Accessories

The Caravan Family Camper comes equipped with more than 35 accessories to make vacationing for the Calico Critters as fun and comfortable as possible. A table, plates, cups, and other kitchen utensils let the Critters dine like kings and queens while on the road. There are also sleeping bags for keeping cozy or camping outdoors, maps for navigation, board games for passing the time, soap and towel, and much more!

About Calico Critters

Calico Critters are a series of cute, flocked (pulverized fibers) animal characters with a vast world of environments, buildings, accessories, and activities. You will grow to love the various characters and enjoy playing with them in different situations. Calico Critters and their accessories are fun collectibles--the more you have, the greater the experience.

What's in the Box

Calico Critters Caravan Family Camper and 35 accessories.