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Chincoteague Ponies reside on Assateague Island, a 37-mile long barrier island visible from the coasts of Maryland and Virginia. The animals were once tame, but they have reverted to a wild, yet managed state. Averaging 12 to 13 hands high, they are considered ponies.


    • Scientific Name:¬†Equus caballus

    • Characteristics:¬†This Chincoteague pony figure looks active and lively, a must for the wild horses that make their home on the small island. The ponies are said to look slightly bloated because they drink so much more water than typical horses. This is due to the heavy salt content of their diet, a result of island life.

    • Size and Color:¬†Featuring a contrasting paint-style coloration, this Chincoteague pony measures 4 ¬Ω inches long by 3 ¬º inches tall, a little smaller than a CD case.

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The origin of the once-tame Chincoteague ponies is the stuff of legends. One story tells of them swimming to the island from a shipwrecked Spanish galleon. A slightly less dramatic version tells of early settlers stocking the island with horses to avoid taxation and fencing laws. In any case, the horses of Assateague island reverted to a wild state, and given the small size of the island, the herd can’t grow very large. Half the island is owned by Maryland; the other half is owned by Virginia. The two states couldn’t manage their respective herds more differently. Although both states desire to keep their herds around 150 ponies, the National Park service uses sterilization to limit the Maryland herd, while the Chincoteague volunteer fire department, which manages the Virginia herd, holds annual foal sales as a fundraiser, requiring that buyers can give the horses a safe home.

  • Recommended Age:¬†3+
  • Size:¬†4.29" L x 1.56" W 3.04" H x ( 11 cm x 4 cm x 7.8 cm )