Choose Your Own Adventure Book-Prisoner of the Ant People #10

Choose Your Own Adventure Book-Prisoner of the Ant People #10

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Prisoner of the Ant People by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on an otherworldly adventure as you fight off the feared Ant People, who have recently joined forces with the Evil Power Master. 9-12-year-old readers will battle the infamous villain, the Evil Power Master, as part of the Zondo Quest Group. Prisoner of the Ant People is a companion book to the bestselling title War With the Evil Power Master.

Choose Your Own Adventure Prisoner of the Ant People is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next.

Your team turns up missing and you are left to carry out the mission on your own. Will you be able to save the universe from being destroyed? Or will you be miniaturized and captured by these evil bug monsters... until the end of your days? 

For readers who enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure series, including Space and Beyond by R. A. Montgomery, Project UFO by R. A. Montgomery, and War With the Evil Power Master by R. A. Montgomery.