Choose Your Own Adventure Book-Trouble on Planet Earth #11

Choose Your Own Adventure Book-Trouble on Planet Earth #11

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Trouble on Planet Earth by R. A. Montgomery takes YOU on an ecological, crime-solving adventure as you and your magical brother try to figure out what is draining Earth's oil reserves. 9-12-year-old readers will face down nefarious weather goons, meet mysterious beings from beyond, and save the world from imminent doom! 

Choose Your Own Adventure Trouble on Planet Earth is an interactive adventure book in which YOU decide what happens next.

Who is responsible for the diminishing oil levels on Earth? An evil multinational organization? A rogue government body? Or could it be someone - or something - completely otherworldly that is siphoning oil through laser straws?! More than just the planet's weather and resources are at stake! 

For readers who enjoyed other titles from the Choose Your Own Adventure series, including: Space and Beyond by R. A. Montgomery, Project UFO by R. A. Montgomery, and Prisoner of the Ant People by R. A. Montgomery