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Several features separate the dragon king from other species. Although flightless, it has two powerful heads capable of breathing fire. It walks upright, while most other dragons walk on all fours. It also has the most powerful jaws of any known dragon species.


    • Scientific Name: Draco rex

    • Characteristics: This figure in some ways resembles the Japanese dragon king Ryujin, a powerful figure in legends. The dragon king was large and wingless, with three toes on each foot and a serpent’s body.

    • Size and Color: From the end of its snout to the tip of its tail, the dragon king is nearly 8 ½ inches long, about the same as the width of a piece of paper. A mixture of orange, yellow, and red give it a most distinctive appearance.

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The Japanese dragon king Ryujin was a sea deity, a necessity for an island nation. He lived in an underwater palace made of coral, where he controlled the waves and tides. His servants were small sea creatures like turtles and jellyfish, and when he desired, the dragon king Ryujin could appear as a human.


A small boy stood on the shore, facing west, shaking with fear at what he saw. Dozens of ships, sails billowing in the wind and oars thrashing, approached his homeland, sure to bring destruction. He knew he should run and warn the village, but he felt stuck in the sand. Remembering the bed time stories he’d been told of Ryujin the dragon king, he wished the sea dragon could come to his aid then. Finally, he turned away, just as a rushing noise came from the ocean behind him. He turned back. The tide! The tide had quickly and miraculously gone out, leaving the approaching ships stranded on the sea floor. His joy was short lived, however, for the invading soldiers soon jumped over the sides of their ships and began marching through the mud. The attack would come anyway. He despaired, and again he turned away. A second time, the sound of rushing water drew his attention. The tide again! It had rushed back in, filling the empty sea bed, and no soldiers were to be seen. Only the empty ships, floating on the water, remained. It must have been Ryujin, the dragon king!

  • Recommended Age: 4+
  • Size: 8.39" L x 4.49" W 4.88" H x ( 21.5 cm x 11.5 cm x 12.5 cm )