Berenstein Bears Storytime Treasures

Berenstein Bears Storytime Treasury

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Just in time for the 50th anniversary of the Berenstain Bears' very first adventure, this collectible volume presents four easy-to-read tales of the famous family. The charmingly illustrated stories, recounted in verse, include:The Berenstain Bears Are a Family, a look inside the treehouse home to see how Mother, Father, Sister, and Brother work and play together. The Berenstain Bears' Four Seasons, which begins with spring buds that lead to a steamy summer, crisp autumn, and icy winter. The Berenstain Bears at the Super-Duper Market, an expedition to a grocery store in search of everything from potatoes and peas to sweets and toys
The Berenstain Bears Say Good Night, tracing a series of bedtime rituals taking a bath, listening to a story, being tucked in.