Earth Science Kit-  Crystals
Earth Science Kit-  Crystals

Earth Science Kit- Crystals

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 Learn about the fascinating multi-faceted world of crystals! Learn how they are formed, what shapes they take, and how you can grow your own crystal garden using the Dolomite samples included in this kit! The set contains 12 crystal specimens, including quartz, amethyst/amethyst cluster, geode, citrine, gypsum, pyrite, star mica, kyanite, and dolomite. Also included is a small magnifying glass for closer inspection, and streak plate to let you test the streak color and hardness of each crystal, and a detailed full-color guide containing information on each crystal, as well as instructions for growing your own crystal garden on the dolomite sample using vinegar and food coloring. A great beginner's guide to crystals, and a good companion for a variety of geological science fair ideas.

  • A set of 12 diverse crystals
  • Comes with 1" magnifier and streak plate
  • Includes a detailed guide to each crystal
  • Good introductory kit for projects or the classroom
  • Grow your own crystal garden using included dolomite