Building Spelling Skills, Grade 4

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Provide your students with frequent, focused skills practice with this Reproducible Teacher's Edition. The reproducible format and additional teacher resources give you everything you need to help students master and retain basic skills.

Give your students the advantage of quality Evan-Moor daily spelling resources and help your students master their weekly spelling challenges with frequent, focused skills practice.

Our easy-to-follow and easy-to-implement curriculum will introduce your fourth-grade students to 18 spelling words per week for 30 weeks (540 words total) and will familiarize them with not only the spelling, but the words’ meanings as well as their antonyms and synonyms. You will appreciate that this teacher’s edition includes concise teaching objectives for each of the spelling unit’s weeks to help provide direction, clarity and instruction for smooth sailing!

Your grade 4 students’ practice with Evan-Moor’s “Building Spelling Skills, Daily Practice” will benefit them now and in the future by learning contractions, vowel sounds, prefixes, suffixes, consonant digraphs and more! Our materials have been developed and successfully implemented since 1979 and have benefitted millions of students across the United States.

We have developed these materials to be easy-to-use and simple to implement by providing clear, concise instructions for both you and your students. Our reproducible materials include a “How to Study Your List” page, spelling strategies, individual spelling records, spelling record sheets and more. Sampler sheets are available to explore to see if our programs are right for you and your students.

Be confident in our research-based curriculum, and be confident in Evan-Moor!

In Building Spelling Skills, Daily Practice, Grade 4, students will learn 18 spelling words per week (540 total). Two sentences for dictation are provided for each list. In this new edition, teaching objectives are provided for each of the 30 weeks.

Spelling lists include the following:
• contractions
• blends
• vowel sounds
• prefixes and suffixes
• compound words
• words with silent letters
• homophones and easily confused spellings
• consonant digraphs
• time and calendar words
• multisyllabic words

The practice pages include the following:
• the spelling list with spaces to read, write, and spell each word
• word meaning (filling in missing spelling words in sentences, crossword puzzles, synonyms/antonyms)
• exercises with phonetic elements
• editing for spelling

Reproducible pages include:
• “How to Study Your List” page
• spelling strategies
• take-home spelling lists
• spelling record sheet
• individual spelling record
• spelling test form
• spelling list form
• crossword puzzle form
• master word list
• parent letter
• student spelling dictionary