Building Spelling Skills, Grade 6

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Provide your students with frequent, focused skills practice with this Reproducible Teacher's Edition. The reproducible format and additional teacher resources give you everything you need to help students master and retain basic skills.

Can your students love learning basic spelling skills? Sure, they can! Our “Building Spelling Skills, Grade 6” curriculum can help your students see that interactive, entertaining spelling lessons do exist! Our daily spelling skills products are guaranteed to produce excellent results with frequent, focused skills practice.

Your sixth graders will expand their vocabularies and spelling word lists in leaps and bounds by learning 18 words per week (540 words total). This 30-week curriculum book contains everything needed in the classroom to be implemented successfully. Your students will focus on the fundamentals for their future language and spelling successes. Lessons include homophones, blends, vowel sounds, prefixes, suffixes, compound words, words with silent letters, easily confused spellings, multisyllabic words and curriculum vocabulary. Easily reproducible forms will provide you with everything you need to be successful — practice pages will provide meaningful, topic-based exercises that will reinforce what is learned in the weekly units.

Our products have been trusted for over 30 years and our materials have been developed by industry professionals with a passion for learning! See why Evan-Moor’s products have been top rated since 1979!

In Building Spelling Skills Daily Practice, Grade 6, students will learn 18 spelling words per week (540 total). Three sentences for dictation are provided for each list.

Spelling lists include the following:
• homophones
• blends
• vowel sounds
• prefixes and suffixes
• root words
• compound words
• words with silent letters
• easily confused spellings
• multisyllable words
• curriculum vocabulary

Practice pages include the following:
• a spelling list with spaces to read, write, and spell each word
• word meaning (filling in missing spelling words in sentences, crossword puzzles, synonyms/antonyms)
• exercises with phonetic elements and other types of word study
• editing for spelling

Reproducible forms include:
• spelling record form
• individual spelling record
• spelling test form
• spelling list form
• word sort form
• parent letter