A Word a Day, Grade 6

A Word a Day, Grade 6

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Help your grade 6 students develop the rich and diverse vocabulary they need for academic success! The 144 daily lessons in A Word a Day, Grade 6 use multiple activities and approaches to provide students with a deep understanding of word meaning that goes past surface-level memorization.

Don't just memorize vocabulary words—give your students the tools they need to understand and apply them!

Help your students learn 144 new words with the focused daily practice in A Word a Day, Grade 6. Activities such as identifying attributes, making personal connections, and completing graphic organizers give students multiple exposures to the words, helping them develop the vocabulary they need to be successful on assessments and in the classroom.

Vocabulary presented in grade 6 includes:
• vehement, promotion, fastidious
• descend, endeavor, extricate
• irresistible, jubilant, slovenly
• whim, mesmerize, cavort