Draw...Then Write, Grades 4-6

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Children love to draw, especially when they can follow simple steps. In Draw…Then Write, students follow picture and written directions to draw animals, people, and vehicles. The finished drawings provide motivation for creative writing.

Each of the 23 topics in Draw…Then Write, Grades 4-6, contain the same four components. Use all four parts or customize the lessons to the needs of your students. After students have had some experience with the lessons, you may choose to place the lessons in a center.

The 4 components are:
• A chart showing the drawing steps
• A reproducible with the drawing steps and space to draw
• A reproducible with 3 variations on the topic and space to draw
• A reproducible form that provides space for an original drawing of the subject, accompanied by directions and writing lines for writing a paragraph about the drawing.

A few of the topics covered include:
• dog
• horse
• cowboy
• cat
• elephant
• astronaut,
• pig
• camel
• football player
• knight
• convertible
• kangaroo
• and more