Glow in the Dark Salamander

Glow in the dark Salamander

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  • Salamanders are a group of nocturnal amphibians that are often confused for reptiles due to their similar appearance, including their slender bodies and long tails. While you may not think salamanders can glow-in-the-dark, some species, such as the Axolotl, actually can!

  • Scientific Name: Order Urodela

  • Characteristics: With its streamlined body, long tail, and forward-facing limbs, this professionally-designed figurine is a perfect representation of some of the defining characteristics of a salamander. Although you'll have no trouble spotting this luminescent friend, most salamanders hunt at night under the cover of darkness.

  • Size and Color: Pearlescent white and 5.5 inches in length, this amphibious little buddy is about as long as a dollar bill. While it lacks some of the distinct black, yellow, and red markings salamanders are known for, it will be a welcome addition to your collection with its gorgeous glow!

  • All of our products are Non-toxic and BPA free
  • History:

    Although they may not look it, salamanders are an important component of our research in medical fields. Salamanders possess the capability to completely regrow and regenerate damaged or lost limbs. Although scientists still haven't narrowed down the exact mechanisms that salamanders use to do this, discovering it could lead to a plethora of incredibly beneficial medical procedures and capabilities.

    • Recommended Age: 3+
    • Size: 5.46" L ( 14 cm )