Gummy Goods Gummy Bear Nightlight- Red

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Gummy Goods Gummy Bear Nightlight

The Gummygoods Night Light is the portable, squeezable sidekick that goes with you from storytime to summer camp.

      • Soft, Huggable Rubber Body.¬†¬† Both soft and durable.
      • Tummy-Squeeze Switch.¬†It‚Äôs easy for everyone to use.
      • 60-Minute Sleep Timer.¬†It goes to sleep too.
      • Cordless and Portable.¬†No strings attached.
      • Wall-Mountable.¬†Keep it up with a nail or screw.
      • Embedded LED Light.¬†It glows with a warm light.
      • Low Battery Indicator: Blinks twice, remove batteries, wait 30 seconds, and replace!
      • Warranty included
      • 7" Tall