American Prairie 53 Piece Children's Educational Jigsaw Puzzle

American Prairie 53 Piece Children's Educational Jigsaw Puzzle

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American Prairie 53 Piece Children's Educational Jigsaw Puzzle

The American prairie is a unique ecosystem with iconic plants and animals. A prairie rattlesnake rattles its tail in warning to the other creatures around it. Can you find the eastern tiger swallowtail butterfly resting on the prairie clover? A bald eagle and other birds soar above some pronghorn, bison, and white-tailed deer. Black-tailed prairie dogs guard the entrance to their home against the animals around them. A coyote and puma stand proudly as a raccoon chases a monarch butterfly. What is the ornate box turtle looking at?

About Larsen Puzzles:

It all started with a single puzzle. In 1952 five-year-old Pal E Larsen was given a single cowboy puzzle from his Aunt in America. Made of a deeply cut thick board, this puzzle proved to be the catalyst for what would become the Larsen puzzles we know today.

The following year his father, Lars Andreas Larsen, having been impressed with the quality of the puzzle and noticing that his son preferred it to the others he had, printed what would become the very first Larsen puzzle in their family basement using an old die cutting machine.

From there, it was history. The family business, now called Larsen Puzzles, grew over the next 60 years into a small, but dedicated and passionate group of employees who have produced over 400 puzzles, each one designed to educate or delight children from around the world.

Larsen Puzzles remains one of the best STEM options in the jigsaw category for young children who are beginning to fine-tune both their motor and concentration skills.

Many of the pieces are shaped as recognizable objects and animals, which adds another layer of dimensional thinking. Each puzzle is cut so deeply, that you can see the indent of the shapes in the tray - this is one of many Larsen's outstanding hallmarks of quality.

All puzzles are manufactured in Flekkefjord, an idyllic town in southern Norway, using 100% recycled cardboard. Each piece is made to be extra thick (2.5mm) and solid.