Postage Stamp Series Plane F-35 1/144 RAAF Lightning II

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F-35® Lightning II® (1:144) Model is approximately 4 1/8 inches long with 2 7/8 inch wingspan. The arrival of the first two Lockheed-Martin F-35A Lightning II aircraft at
RAAF Williamtown on 10 December 2018 not only marked the beginning
of operations in Australia of the Air Force’s first fifth generation fighter, but
also established the catalyst for the transformation of the Air Force into a
fifth generation fighting force.
Possessing speed, agility, stealth technology, advanced datalinks,
mission systems and sensor fusion; the F-35 is the most advanced
multi-role stealth fighter in the world. With seventy-two aircraft and
associated weapons, support equipment and logistics systems on order,
the Australian F-35 program is the largest acquisition activity in the
history of the RAAF.