Safari Alien Dragon

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The Alien Dragon is an oddity even among dragons. Its strange, wingless body and uniquely shaped legs make many believe it comes from somewhere beyond this earth!


    • Scientific Name:¬†Draco xenorthoptera

    • Characteristics:¬†The Alien Dragon is rearing up, flaring its mandibles and showing its sharp teeth. Its front legs are ready to strike, while its rear legs are poised to leap at a moment‚Äôs notice. This hand-painted figure is covered with tons of extra-terrestrial details, from its bulging eyes to its segmented tail.

    • Size and Color:¬†The Alien Dragon figure measures 4 ¬æ inches tall and 6 ¬Ω inches long, about as big as a slice of bread. Its main coloration is light blue above that fades to dark blue below, with dark blue webbing between its back spines and blue accents on its legs. Its eyes are grey, with black oblong pupils surrounded by an eerie orange-red.

  • Non-toxic and BPA free