Safari Anzu Wyliei

Safari Anzu Wyliei

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Anzu wyliei represents the first well-known fossil evidence of oviraptorosaur dinosaurs in the United States. It lived in what is now North and South Dakota, and like others in the order Oviraptorosauria, it featured a prominent crest on its forehead, a specialized beak, and was likely covered in feathers. Anzu was large for an oviraptorosaur, measuring over 10 feet long.


    •  Scientific Name: Anzu wyliei (“Anzu” is a feathered demon of Sumerian mythology, “wyliei” honors Wylie J. Tuttle, the grandson of a donor to the museum where the fossils are held)

    • Characteristics: Our Anzu figure is posed in mid-run, and features intricately detailed plumage, hand-painted in striking colors.  

  • Size and Color: This Anzu figure measures 5 1/4 inches long and 3 ¼ inches high, or about the size of a standard index card. Its feathers are painted in rich detail, featuring deep reds, forest greens, slate blues and bright whites. The exposed skin areas are painted in dark grey.
  • BPA Free