Safari Jaguar

Safari Jaguar

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The jaguar is the largest cat in the New World, and this fearsome hunter can take down just about any prey it wants. It’s the only cat in the Americas that is capable of roaring.


    • Scientific Name:¬†Panthera onca

    • Characteristics:¬†The largest big cat found in the Americas, the jaguar is brilliantly spotted with black ‚Äúrosettes‚Äù that are quite striking when out of its natural environment, but actually help this feline blend in with its native habitat as it prowls for its prey. This hand-painted model accurately reflects this pattern with exacting detail.

    • Size and Color:¬†At 4 ¬Ω inches tall and 10 ¬º inches long, this jaguar figure is as tall as a soda can and nearly as long as a standard ruler. Its coat is intricately detailed with orange-yellow coloring above and an off-white cream below, with black and orange ‚Äúrosette‚Äù spots covering its body.

  • Non-toxic and BPA free.