Safari Thorn Dragon

Safari Thorn Dragon

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The Thorn Dragon is rarely encountered, as it typically makes its home in burned forests where few tread, and is quite skilled at mimicking the dead trees it surrounds itself with. By the time it is ready to show itself, it may be too late for those who’ve seen it escape!


    • Scientific Name: Draco spinus

    • Characteristics: Rearing up and spreading its wings, this Thorn Dragon is revealing itself at least, showing off its spiny wings, its razor sharp teeth, and the seven large horns sprouting from its head. Its whip-like tail curls upward, ready to deliver a devastating blow with its spiked tip. All of this detail is packed with our individual hand-painted figurine.

    • Size and Color: At 5 inches tall and 5 ½ inches long, the Thorn Dragon cuts an imposing figure. He is mostly brown with gold tipped scales, and green accents on the webs of his wings.
    • Non-Toxic, BPA free