Sidewinder Rattlesnake

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  • Like all species of rattlesnake, the sidewinder is a pit viper and has a potent venom that it delivers through its bite. However, sidewinders are unique due to their sideways style of locomotion, which allows them to move efficiently over sandy dunes.


  • Scientific Name:¬†Crotalus cerastes
  • Characteristics:¬†The sidewinder rattlesnake is much smaller than other rattlesnake species, and it rarely grows to be longer than 3 feet. Don‚Äôt let its size fool you; this beautifully crafted figurine can still deliver a pretty painful bite!
  • Size and Color:¬†9 inches long and 1.25 inches tall, this model is a bit shorter than an American sized ruler and is about as tall as a quarter stood on its side. In order to better blend into their desert habitats, sidewinders are predominantly tan with dark brown markings.
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Sidewinders are one of the few snake species that’s fairly easy to track and locate because they leave unique “J” shaped markings in the sand as they move. They are sometimes referred to as horned rattlesnakes due to the raised scales above their eyes. Scientists believe these scales are actually important, and that they may help protect the Sidewinder's eyes from stray sand as they move through the desert.

  • Recommended Age:¬†3+
  • Size:¬†8.97" L x 4.29" W 1.17" H x ( 23 cm x 11 cm x 3 cm )