Spiral Light Candle: ButterMint 3 x 3

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Spiral Light self-filling candles are a new twist on an old staple. The self-filling candle is first lit, using the horizontal wick on the upper edge. The candle burns around the hollow center with the wooded wick allowing the wax to drain inward, filling in the center. The horizontal spiraling wick self extinguishes when the inside wax level reaches the top of the spiral, to prevent any spilling.This creates a solid pillar candle. While the Spiral Light candle-making process is innovative, it was inspired by the centuries old pillars, which only burned to the outside of the candle. We have continued the tradition of the handcrafted process and combined it with sophisticated technology. We use only the best materials. Cotton wicks, the finest wax, and aromatic fragrances. We are passionate in our process and put care into every step because we believe it is noticeable when you experience the fragrance and romance of our spiral-burning candle.