The Natural Baby Sleep Solution: Use Your Child's Internal Sleep Rhythms for Better Nights and Naps Paperback

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Based on the human rest and activity cycle that occurs every hour and a half, here’s a scientifically based program for parents to help babies get all the sleep they need, both through the night and during the day. The method is simple, foolproof, and yields long-lasting results: truly restful daytime naps (which also gives an infant a head start on cognitive development and emotional intelligence) and consistent nighttime sleep—as beneficial for parents as it is for the baby.
  • For babies aged two weeks to one year
  • Lessons in sleep independence and solutions to common problems, such as your baby waking up too early, getting a second wind before bedtime, confusing day and night, and more
  • Includes a guided journal for recording your baby‚Äôs sleep signals and keeping track of naps and bedtimes
A simple program for sleep that delivers foolproof results.