Trail of the Painted Ponies- Wind Whisperer Figurine

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  • Spinning columns of wind and dust seen twisting across the West as if animated by shape-shifting spirits inspired this artist to imagine the earthly phenomenon as a wild horse running and rearing as it speeds across the prairie.
    • Figurine
    • 11.06 in H
    • ‚ÄúWind Whisperer‚Äù figurine for the Trail of Painted Ponies line by Artist/Sculptor Kathleen Moody
    • The Trail of Painted Ponies celebrates the magic of the horse, the rich culture of America, and the unique talents of independent artists.
    • Showcases a rearing pony with windswept multicolor mane and is crafted from high-quality stone resin
    • Includes a collector card that tells the artist‚Äôs story behind each design and decorative gift box
    • 11-inch height (28 cm)