Weregirl-Hardcover-by CD Bell

Weregirl-Hardcover-by CD Bell

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Teen Vogue's Top YA Book Pick for November 2016

The new bestselling novel from C. D. Bell will get your heart racing and blood pumping as you fall in love with Nessa Kurland. Part werewolf romance, part teen thriller, WEREGIRL tells one girl's story of growth in the face of danger, rivalry, transformation, and love. A beautiful meditation on coming of age, told through a fantasy lens.

"Weregirl FINALLY makes a girl the center of a classic werewolf story. It's the feminist werewolf YA novel you never knew you wanted--unlike any other book you've read before." --Revelist

Nessa Kurland is running for her life.

High school junior Nessa Kurland is a cross-country runner with her eyes set on one thing: a college scholarship as her one-way ticket out of Tether, Michigan, a town on the brink of shutdown since it was devastated by corporate polluter Dutch Chemical.

Talented teammate Cynthia invites Nessa on a nighttime run through Tether's overgrown forest trails. But she speeds ahead, leaving Nessa alone to discover a trapped wolf. Nessa tries to free the animal but is badly bitten, seemingly ruining her hopes for a strong fall season.

Instead, Nessa's freakishly quick recovery is followed by improved running times. All her senses are heightened. Nessa has transformed.

She has become a werewolf.

In her new state, Nessa learns that Tether has many secrets. What is really going on at the small-town clinic? Can she decipher what the wolf pack she's been running with is trying to tell her? Nessa must navigate true human darkness and the uncertainty of young love, while making peace with her new, wild nature.


 Book Reviews:

"Weregirl is not a love story as Twilight was--nor does it fall victim to the dreaded love triangle that many other YA novels make the focal point. Ultimately, Nessa feels like a real girl, with all of the flaws, desires, and confusing feelings that real girls her age have." --Revelist

"A heart-gripping story of danger and magical transformation." --Eliot Schrefer, two-time National Book Award Finalist and author of Rescued

"A fresh and unique approach to the werewolf genre...Nessa's growth into a more confident young woman [is] sure to inspire young readers." --YABooksCentral

"Supernatural fans of all ages will thoroughly enjoy the exciting, dramatic saga of a young woman's dual quest to master her own wild gift and uncover the sinister secret lurking within her dilapidated hometown. An exciting, dramatic story featuring a courageous and resourceful heroine, Weregirl is highly recommended for both high school and public library fantasy collections." --Midwest Book Review

"The story is part thriller, part fantasy, part sci-fi, and wholly captivating." --Goodreads Reviewer

"I literally devoured [Weregirl] in one sitting." --WanderedSouls Book Blog

"The writing is incredible, especially when it gets to the action-packed scenes. I couldn't stop reading. I was desperate to find out what happens next!" --MyTrendingStories Blog

"My faith in the paranormal genre was restored by this book and has easily become one of my favorites." --ChildishlyPassionate Book Blog

"...a solid story with engaging characters..." --Publishers Weekly

"Weregirl is like a superhero origin story and a mystery wrapped in a supernatural guise. For those tired of the typical supernatural YA novel, this book is your answer." --Bookseller at VJ Books

"...stunning cover! So beautiful, definitely one of my favorite covers of the year. Weregirl is a fantastically written book...a must-read novel." --The Giggling Bookworm Blog