Wrebbit 3D SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE 925pc Puzzle

Wrebbit 3D SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE 925pc Puzzle

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Take a trip “Down Under” with this 925-piece 3D jigsaw puzzle of the Sydney Opera House, the waterfront arts venue admired the world over. Marvel in its virtuoso veils and domes, now icons of 20th century expressionist architecture, as you assemble this equally stunning 3D puzzle replica of the Australian landmark. A true and delightful puzzle challenge for puzzlers and music lovers ready to be awed by this architectural marvel.

The Sydney Opera House 3D jigsaw puzzle is one of the wonderful models, which features well-known architectural masterpieces and engineering from the world over. Proudly display this 3D puzzle as a show of your talents and achievement, and go on to enjoy the collection’s other 3D puzzle replicas of revered world wonders.

22.25'' x 17.25'' x 8.75''


Ages: 14+